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  • bulk email service provider Interspire/Maiwiz/Mumara with PowerMTA configuration

    Setup and configure SMTP properly.

  • bulk mail rates Cheap and best

    Provide quality and unique configuration for each customer.

  • how to send bulk email and how it work

    Major ISPs like gMail , yahoo , hotmail , outlook have their limitations to recieve emails. ( eMails / ip / hr )

  • smtp Mail Server to send BULK emails

    IP has its ows history and reputation. Warm up IPs can index in major ISPs.

  • how to send bulk email IP reputation and history

    This is THE Main thing for mass emailing. Select the best provider for your IPv4 IPs to gain high inbox rate and longlast.

smtp Mail Server

bulk mail rates


    upto 512IPs required
    minimum 32GB RAM required
    A domain required
    around 1.25 Million Emails perday


    upto 128IPs required
    minimum 8-10GB RAM required
    A domain required
    around 300,000 Emails perday


    upto 64IPs required
    minimum 6-10GB RAM required
    A domain required
    around 175,000 Emails perday


    upto 25IPs required
    minimum 4-6GB RAM required
    A domain required
    around 50,000 Emails perday


    IPv4 16IPs
    2GB RAM


    IPv4 3IPs
    2GB RAM

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